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Because of our unique terrain, many of the main roads in Norway goes over mountains, through deep valleys and over impressive bridges. This gives you the chance to experience our amazing nature whether you on a road trip or just need to get from A to B.


Do you want to take a drive out of the ordinary?
Trollstigen in Western Norway is an extraordinary drive with its iconic steep turns and amazing scenery.



Helicopter gives you the amazing opportunity to experience lots of Norway's unique nature from an aerial view. The helicopter service is perfect if you want to experience as much as possible in limited time.


Want to see some of our most famous locations from air?
Folgefonna glacier and the famous Trolltunga are both fantastic sightings from above.


Norway is homeland of the fjords. Relax while we take you a journey on the famous Norwegian fjords where you'll experience the majestic mountains raving up in front of you. The yacht service is an excellent choice if you want to experience our most beautiful attractions and at the same time relax and enjoy the luxury our yachts offer. 


Cruising through some of the most amazing scenery in the world?
There's over a thousand fjords to choose from in Norway. And they are all unique in their own way. Geirangerfjorden is probably our most famous fjord. And it's definitely worth the trip.

Aurora borealis dancing on mountain in f


All parts of Norway has a lot to offer, and each region has it's own unique landscape and culture. But the distance between southern and northern Norway, equals the distance from Norway to Italy. So, if you really want to see all of Norway, you should use our Jet service.


Travel through Norway's varied landscape?
The western part of Norway is probably most famous for its fjords. But if you take a trip to the north of Norway you can experience the Aurora Borealis in the winter months. Lofoten is a perfect choice for experiencing both majestic landscape and culture of the north.

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